Figure Skating Dresses

About Us

Liza Glore Designs provides practice, test, and competition figure skating dresses for ice skaters and synchro teams of all levels from Learn to Skate to Seniors.  Our dresses are not only beautiful but also designed to allow the skater free movement.  We have over 10 years of experience working with recreational and high-level competitive skaters and coaches on all aspects of figure skate dress design and quality construction. 

We are the home of Perform Skatewear.

Perform Skatewear offers ready-to-wear and semi-custom skate wear. We provide additional services including stone and embellishment applications. 

Figure skaters wearing our dresses skate with confidence – Ready to Perform!

For custom design services please contact us directly at

Perform Skatewear is a Trademark Brand of Liza Glore Designs, LLC